Absolutely Great Show.

-Juanita Richardson


Excellent Alicia! You couldn't have asked for better timing, considering our present administration. I enjoyed FAMILY BUSINESS and it was a pleasure meeting you.                                      

-Cherokee Black, Actress

Brownstone Steps Entertainment

For the next level storytelling of happenings in the town of Kellington, NY, visit: 


I must congratulate you on such a clever, powerful and tightly woven play. The interaction between the characters was dynamic with a back story that reeled you right in, creating a unique tension. I'd love to see it in its entirety. Please put me on your mailing list so I can keep updated as to your performances. 

Melanie Futorian 
Author of, "Don Alias, Stories of A Legendary Percussionist" (on Amazon)


Congratulations on your play.
Great piece of history.

-Victor Vauban Júnior,

Dramatist at Brother Soul C & T


First off I'd like to tip my hat to the writer & friend of such a well put together, well casted masterful work of art. I didn't catch the whole show which had me so disappointed, however what I did see totally blew me away. The actors had me totally convinced and for a second I actually felt like I was in the 1800's!!! These guys ROCKED!!!!!! And i will be bringing my daughter to see this play!!! I hope everyone finds the time to see it for themselves. Please let me know the next times & locations. God bless you Alicia Mitchell-Foxworth & God bless the wonderful cast!!

-Trevor Swan (Actor)

In the small seafaring town of Kellington, New York, human trafficking continues. However after a new family comes to town, the events that follow will threaten the fabric of a very lucrative business.

To view clips from Ghost Writer, just click on the workshop videos below. They are from a performance of the scene entitled
Family Business. 

Thanks for watching
​and we'll see you at the theater.


Wonderful play and performances!

Bravo to all, including my acting coach,

Ward Nixon!

-Peggy Taylor, Pianist


Beautifully written acted and

directed by Ward Nixon. 

-Nadhege Ptah

Co-Producer-Harlem Love the movie


Alicia Foxworth is one of the newest playwrights at Uptown Playwrights’ Workshop. Ms. Foxworth demonstrated a great deal of talent, enthusiasm and willingness to learn all she can. At our Medley of Words, FAMILY BUSINESS, caught the audience’s attention, as her characters drew us into the abolitionist movement era, causing us to feel a myriad of emotions. 

Congratulations, Alicia!

-Gail Wynn Huland El, Playwright and Director
Uptown Playwrights’ Workshop


A pleasant evening with my friends

and family ... even my little grand,

DaViaan had something positive to

say about her play.
Wishing her the best. LUV

-Gloria E. Woods

Parents United Advocacy Group